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During the period of excavations nineteen reinterments took place

1-st  12.06.1943.  - 230 corpses buried

2-nd  24.06.1943.  - 600 corpses buried

3-rd  06.07.1943.  - 260 corpses buried

4-th  14.07.1943.  - 232 corpses buried

5-th  16.07.1943.  - 292 corpses buried

6-th  21.07.1943.  - 275 corpses buried

7-th  23.07.1943.  - 250 corpses buried

8-th  28.07.1943.  - 255 corpses buried

9-th  31.07.1943.  - 350 corpses buried

10-th  06.08.1943.  - 515 corpses buried

11-th  12.08.1943.  - 600 corpses buried

12-th  19.08.1943.  - 600 corpses buried

13-th  24.08.1943.  - 750 corpses buried

14-th  31.08.1943.  - 700 corpses buried

15-th  07.09.1943.  - 503 corpses buried

16-th  17.09.1943.  - 500 corpses buried

17-th  23.09.1943.  - 1000 corpses buried

18-th  30.09.1943.  - 560 corpses buried

19-th  03.10.1943.  - 960 corpses buried
Protocol dated 15 July 1943
  1. Belgium: Dr. Soenen, professor of anatomy at the Ghent University.
  2. Bulgaria: Dr. Mikhailov, chief medical doctor, Institute of Forensic Medicine, Sofia University.
  3. Italy: Dr. Cazzaniga, professor of forensic medicine, University of Milan.
  4. Netherlands: Dr. der Poorten, pro-rector of the Institute of Pathological Anatomy, Amsterdam University.
  5. Romania: Dr. Birkle, forensic medical expert from the Ministry of Justice, chief medical doctor and professor at the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Criminology, Bucharest.
  6. Slovakia: Dr. Krsek, professor of forensic medicine and director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Bratislava.
  7. Hungary: Dr. Orsos, professor of forensic medicine and criminology at Budapest University.
  8. Finland: Dr. Pesonen, professor of anatomy at University of Helsinki.
  9. France: Dr. Duvoir, professor of forensic medicine at the University of Paris.
  10. Croatia: Dr. Ljudevit Jurak, professor of pathological anatomy at University of Zagreb.
  11. Sweden: Dr. Hagqvist, professor of anatomy at the Carolingian Medical Institute in Stockholm.
  12. German Reich: Dr. Wegner, head of the Department of Health
  13. German Reich: Dr. Schrader, head of the German Society of Forensic Medicine and Criminology.
According to the findings of the international com-mission of forensic experts, the 91st mass grave disco-vered during the excavations revealed the remains of 9,432 people who had been shot in the back of the head, their bodies showing signs of torture. Out of the 9,432 remains, only 675 were identified, i.e., the names of the murder victims were ascertained. The international commission determined that the destruction of people in the mass graves of Vinnytsia took place during 1937-1939.
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